Changing notification light's pulse and speed setting have no effect for e.g. Signal


coming from Lineage OS (on Nexus 5x) I am used to have the notification’s lights pulsing at a certain speed for both Signal and Conversations apps. In the “Notification light >> General >> Default” setup I put both “Pulse length and speed” values to “Normal”. The Nexus 5x’s LED now pulses, demoing the current setting which is way faster than the pulsing I get in Signal or Conversations. So I changed the “speed” to “Very fast”. But the pulsing in Signal and Conversation does not change at all…as if the setting has no effect.

Can somebody confirm that? Am I missing something?

In Signal and Conversations there is no setting which can define the light’s speed…so I assume it is the OS defining that.



I asked one of my colleagues today to test that on his LG G2 with LineageOS 16 installed. The settings for the “Pulse length and speed” do not have any effect at all for Signal and WhatsApp even on LineageOS 16.

Somehow this setting seems to be broken in Lineage OS.