Changing the name of /e/'s app store?

The different components of /e/ are named after what they actually do (message is sending SMS messages, gallery serves as as image gallery …). The only apps where this concept feels not right to me is the app store. The term is too generic and might easily be misunderstood: "I installed various apps via Apps". A rather average user might not understand that apps are apps and Apps is the app store.

So I am suggesting to rename the /e/ app store before it leaves beta - no matter in what as long as it is easily understandable that this is an app store.

A few suggestions I just came up with:

  • AppsStore
  • AppShop
  • AppLib
  • App Library

Just wanted to see what others think about it!
So please comment.





Apps is where you get the apps. As simple as it gets.
You could misunderstand it all the way you want, it would still take only one touch to figure out what it is.
To me, “Apps” sounds more relevant as a name for an application library than “Play store”, which sounds game-oriented and still, it doesn’t seem to cause the “average” Android user much trouble.


Did apple end up winning the trademark for appstore? Blisslauncher looks like iOS so wouldn’t want to confuse people. Apps is fine maybe the notification wording needs improvement.