Choice between S9 and S10

Hi community!

I’m using a Samsung S9 with /e/OS since almost 2 years now.

My girlfriend is looking for a new (refurbished) phone. I’m looking for your help to advice her the right choice.

Which phone would you buy between S9 and S10? Considering the fact both phones are not anymore supported by Samsung, which means we will need to install a custom ROM (I would go for /e/OS as I support it).

I have both and both I would recommend!

Hi @ronnz98 , thank you for your feedback!

And what about the ease to install /e/OS on each of them?

And does anyone knows if /e/OS support should last as long for the S9 (which is 1 year older) as for the S10?

The S10 is newer, however the S9 is supported by the easy-installer and on the list of the devices that will get update for Android T (Android 13). Furthermore its an stable branch and possibly the better choice


Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

s9 have stable builds, that is a good point, but consider the s10e (compact)

So it seems that S9 is supported deeper?

Please see here the definition of the different build styles:

If you want to support the /e/OS you can buy a preinstalled /e/OS smartphone at the murena webseit.
Unfortunately no Samsung smartphones are currently sold, but e.g. Fairphone 4 or 5 or Pixel 5

Yes, I understand this. I meant that S9 seems to be more popular so there is bigger chance to have longer os support :wink:

It also depends if ‘stable’ or ‘dev’ wanted

Official would be enough, the same as available for example for Moto G7 Power :wink:

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