Close or kill all open Apps - one touch?

Hi folks,

I hope you all started well in 2022! :partying_face:
I really like e, it has become a very good alternative for me and my samsung S10e without google and samsung account.

Of course, I miss google pay, but my bank should be thinking of an own app for paying. Its not what e can do.

I have a question, where I cant find an answer until now:

When I toucht the button “all open apps” in the navigation, it shows me all apps, but no button for closing all apps. Instead, there is a “screenshot” button (?).
I didnt get it, how can I close all open apps with one touch?

Can you help me with this?

I wish u peace and love for the new year 2022

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Hi Jim, flick through all open apps to the left and the clear all option is at the end.

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wow, thanks !! that was easy…