[CLOSED] S7 - Changelog mismatch

I searched a little in this forum and it appears on some other device…
When you are on https://images.ecloud.global/dev/herolte/ , changelogs always refer to the changelog of the release

Don’t know if somebody already report this… Sorry if it’s the case…
Anyway, I’m glad to see updates on my device :slight_smile:

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Hi @LaurentG we are updating the build process and as a part of this the changelogs are being updated . This issue has been reported here. We will be coming out with release logs which will have more details to help understand what goes in each build.

No problem, I just wanted to report it… Just in case :wink:

@Manoj Sorry, new to publish on this… There is no “Close” button on threads ?

No problem in reporting an issue. I will close the thread.