Closing topic is not a new post to read + publish closing rules

Hi community developpers.
When Manoj closes a topic, it appears in Unread topics whereas there is nothing new to read. As Manoj has closed 50 topics 4 days ago, I have 50 unread topics and cannot find REAL unread topics.
Can you change this ?

Another point: what are the rules about closing topics ? Some are open for months when others are announced to be closed within 15 days ad soon as they are created. It looks strange to me.

Thank you.

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The topics which were closed were over 2 years old. Ideally, newer topics with a short life span are best. This is because the builds come in monthly and older issues are usually not relevant on newer build or OS versions. Some categories like news have a short life span of 15 days. You can make changes in your profile >> preferences as to what notifications you would like to receive.


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