Community found bugs and other related things to improve /e/

Let’s start a thread where everybody can report possible bugs in /e/ to fix in future updates.
I’ll start, maybe some are not bugs and can be discarded later.

  1. The standard calculator in /e/ is too simple. So I downloaded google calculator from “Apps” (the app store). But now I can’t update it (it says update available, I can download it but install does not work) (try it for yourself if you want)
  2. CCleaner app works great the first time. The second time it does not work anymore.
  3. Latest security fixes from android or lineage OS take too long to be implemented in /e/ imho.

Please report more bugs if you found any and discuss a fix or if they are really /e/ bugs at all, thanks!

How about reporting bugs to the GitLab set up for exactly that because that’s where the developers are and perhaps fix them :wink:Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab.

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Pl use the Gitlab as mentioned by @AnotherElk …that is where the issues can be assigned to developers and close them.
To understand how to report an issue follow this guide

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