Compatibility mobile list - specifications



I built a compatibility mobile list with some specifications.
Hope it will help to choose a model which fit your wishes (screen size, battery and so on).
( I cannot post this table on /e/ website this editor doesnt allow tables. )

Compatibility mobile list

If you want me to add new columns or see any mistake, please drop a comment.
If you have any table template with filtering and sorting, please share :slight_smile:


hi there, i’d add also year of release, a price range (budget, medium, high could be enough i think, or <200e, 200-400e, 400e+) and a column that shows protection level: waterproof, IP65 and so on. also dualsim could be useful but i’m not sure.

if possible, i’d also make the table sortable and add a “last updated at” line somewhere :slight_smile:

anyway, very good work, thanks a lot


Well, if someone else expect the same then i’ll do (i need several votes because that’s a huge job :slight_smile: )


Thanks, you might add FP2.


@guly i added protection, dual-SIM, NFC and year release
@ff2u done, sorry for my mistake :slight_smile:

It’s already a huge job to build such synthesis so i’ll manage later for ‘last updated’ and ‘price’ field
Feel free to help for pricing :relaxed:

Soon, i plan to improve this table with sorting and filters


huge work man, really.
btw, about “last update”, i meant a whole page last update not a line foreach phone.
i think it could be useful to see if the table itself is almost up2date or it’s 3 years old (hoply, you support that page forever, but who knows…)


Great list and good work! :ok_hand:
And thank you very much for adding FP2! If you allow me to give some updated information related to the device: FP2 has no NFC, but Dual SIM. Current CAMs have 5MP and 12MP. Price is 399 at the vendor’s shop.


@ff2u > fixed for Fair Phone 2 :wink:

Also, i noticed gitlab wiki was updated by @rhunault
There is 5 new devices (good job)

So i updated my list :star_struck: