Confused by upgrade versions (S5, SM-900F, klte)

I am absolutely confused: I know that there are two channels of /e/ releases for my Samsung S5 SM-G900F (klte), the dev-channel and the stable one. Once the update was triggered I saw one version plus two upgrades (5th of April and 12th of April). After update and another upgrade I am now on 0.23-20220405157826 but the upgrade named as 12th of April is no longer visible. Am I now on the latest one?

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I don’t see stable for your device, but looking here /e/ image ROM download at the recent builds published then, e-0.23-r-20220405175826-dev-klte is showing as current for Android R.

Thanks for the answer. So I’m on the dev-channel, right? Is it the same as test-channel (see screenshot)?

That is something different ! If you have that switched on you will receive test builds which were not intended for publishing. It is not recommended for general use.

/e/ built very many test builds for 0,23 as shown here Tags · e / os / releases · GitLab. I am demonstrating 0.23.1 through to 0.23-10 !

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