Congrats to the whole e OS team

I have missed the Murena keynote. So I want to take the opportunity to congratulate the whole eOS team. I can only imagine how much effort and time you have spent for this project in the last years.
So publishing Murena should feel like new years eve for you. Therefore I hope you have been celebrating this accordingly. β†’ :partying_face: :man_dancing: :champagne: :guitar: :musical_note:
Translated to French. β†’ :baguette_bread: :cheese: :wine_glass: ← I am only kidding.

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You can still watch it.


@AnotherElk Thank you. I will watch it now.

Thank you @AnotherElk for the links… I had missed that, but I was quite impressed by the keynote (well, less by the Q&A section :pensive: sorry … although useful information was shared :slight_smile: @alexis mentioned about a potential Murena tablet :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: ) .
That made me curious about the the online services … I will have to take a look there …

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