Connect Desktop Keepass to Keepass Database in ECloud

I am trying to attach my KeePass application to a database stored in ECloud. I select File/Open/Open URL from the menu, I copy a share link that I create on the file and paste it into the URL box, I put my ecloud username and ecloud password into the username and password textboxes respectively, I click on the Advanced tab and enter “” into the HTTP / HTTPS / WebDAV - User agent box, I click OK, it brings up the password dialogue box, I put in the database username and password (and key file) and click OK but it comes back with “Failed to load the specified file!” and says the file signature is invalid. I download the file from ECloud and it works just fine. I think it has to do with the share link I’m using - I’m not using the correct URL to access the file somehow. Unlike the mobile version of KeePass, it doesn’t allow you to browse to the file if you put “” for the URL.

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