Contact application & localisation

Is there anyone who would know why the contact application needs to access the location ? Isn’t that a little suspicious in terms of confidentiality


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Similarly: why is Bliss interested in my location?

Agree with the discussion. If an application asks for Permissions like Location there should be some detail as to why it is required. Especially for apps like the BlissLauncher which was created by /e/ . Does not need a lengthy document but a few words in a help file should explain this. Can you create a bug for this in gitlab that will help track this point

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Or why does Notes want access to my contacts??

Hi @Manoj: so for you it’s just a question of ‘explaining’, rather than stop asking for the data?

For example, if Bliss wants to know my location because of the Weather app, that’s one more good reason why I want to delete the Weather app…

Why does the clock want access to my position??

I understand this is Google garbage. But I would like to see it cleaned up.

Hi @dotcoma the explaining part is to explain why the data is required. The user can then decide whether he wants to share the info or not.

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Hi @dotcoma, I think it makes really no sense to ask for every app why it’s needing this or that access. At first: e.foundtion has the app apt designed (only bliss launcher). So better asking the developer of the app.
Second: restrict the access and everything is fine and if not, give access back to the app