Contact tracing API to become part of Android (and iOS)

See for example:

What is e’s stance on this?
Personally I hope it won’t be adopted and will even be actively removed if necessary.

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Sounds related to the Covid-19 Apps topic.

Kind of with the slight difference that Apple and Google will integrate this on a system level instead of integrating contact tracing on an app level as it happens with PEPP-PT.

As far as I understand it from this XDA-Post (, the Contact Tracing and BLE Contact Detection API will be delivered over Google Play Services updates. So after my understanding, the AOSP code won’t get modified and therefore there should be no effects on devices without Google Play services.
However, I’m not sure how this interacts with MicroG. Will they include this in their Play Services reimplementation?

And what about tracking by the providers ?
I eard UE had autorized it…

Stay at home ! or Abandon your phone !


Well that happens outside of any software level so there’s no way you can prevent that except by turning off your phone / enabling airplane mode.

The german Telekom also did that. They provided the national institute for infectious diseases with anonymized location data of their users (it’s another discussion wether that’s legitimate or not). I think the data was mainly gained through radio cells.

Hey Guys @bj-rn , @exyna & @Ingo_FP_Angel Think I covered this the other day under Government surveillance topic on April 13th - but the more the merrier?

Also see Topic /e/ and cellphone provider tracking

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Stay Safe ALL

worrying indeed. Good read ->

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Wow @appel - Thanks – What an in depth article which in way gives a hint of the future when you update your device the tracking surveillance no longer needs to be in the App(s) it will be in control of your phone embedded in the OS. The excellent article also hints at what is already taking place – perhaps the Corporate Partners of the NSA via Special Source Operations codenamed S35.
Xkeyscore, PRISM, ECHELON, Carnivore, Coronavirus apps, Verus, Dishfire, Stone Ghost, Tempora, Frenchelon, Fairview, MYSTIC, DCSN, Boundless Informant, Bullrun, Pinwale, Stingray, SORM, RAMPART-A, DANCINGOASIS, SPINNERET, MOONLIGHTPATH, INCENSER, AZUREPHOENIX etc etc ……

Ok; let us move away from the USA+14 Eyes and look at what is happening close to Eurasia’s Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
India’s national contact-tracing app “Aarogya Setu”. That document says the app collects users’ age, gender, phone number, profession and name. It tracks users with GPS and Bluetooth. And while that information is not uploaded to the government until a positive COVID test, “All personal information collected from you … at the time of registration will be retained for as long as the account remains in existence and for such period thereafter as required under any law for the time being in force.”
To keep an Iron Grip and track the poorest most vulnerable people who do not have a phone, like the Untouchables in India’s sectarian society; India is to introduce a wristband device to track their every move.

Even if you do not own a phone or left it at home in the fridge they will still get to you :sneezing_face: :woozy_face: :hot_face:

What next? :thinking:

Don’t worry, this framework won’t be implemented in /e/.


Do you have more details on that?

After my understanding, as long as the API is not implemented in AOSP, the only way to get on user’s devices is over microG / Play Services. So can one say that this can’t directly be controlled by the /e/-devs but rather by the microG-devs?

Would be nice to have some clarification here.

MicroG is an open source project that aims to send minimum data to Google and protect your privacy. I really doubt they would implement such a thing.

So no chance it comes in /e/.

Only switch on Bluetooth if necessary

Generally that’s a good thing to do - no doubts about that.

But I’m not sure if one can be sure that no tracking happens with the new API even if the bluetooth functionality is disabled. It totally depends on how the API will actually be implemented.

That’s the problem with moving such an API to OS-level. The user can still of course disable bluetooth on the phone but this does not guarantee that this also disables bluetooth for contact tracing.

For example, if you have bluetooth disabled but your location services run on “high accuracy”, your phone still uses bluetooth in the background to ping nearby devices.

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@Anonyme Really?? - As @Nastja spelled it out under topic – Is /e/ (and LinageOS) insecure?
Hey get on over to the Topic too :woozy_face:
MicroG is a common alternative to Google Play Services. Many people use this to get rid of Google tracking on their device but many people do not realise that this substantially worsens security by requiring signature spoofing which allows apps to request to bypass signature verification. :astonished: And that’s before S35 take a look!
Just a bit of balance from me and a warning to others who still say you are safe with a few steps to take. :wink: As I have posted much earlier “MicroG feature No1 Opt-in to Google Services and extend application support – Hey, I want out of everything google! MicroG feature No2; on-/offline location service – Hey, I want to turn off all location services but MicroG will not allow this! Who is in control of my phone? Certainly not me!”
Have Fun – Wish you all well at this time, wherever you are – Stay Safe. Yes; You and your devices!

Yes really, it’s an alternative to Play Services that aims to protect your privacy.

»This does not stop even after I have deactivated the Bluetooth function. In order for Bluetooth to be completely paused, you have to set it separately elsewhere

Hey @Anonyme I respect your opinion – I like your handle, I like your avatar just as I like Tails+Tor.
I was just making the less tech savvy and Noobies aware by pointing them in a direction to question what they are told (Frank Zappa) and hopefully research these ultra complex data privacy issues for themselves. I am grateful that a few others are also providing this safeguard besides this old pensioner. I find this quite difficult as my field of expertise is in mechanical design engineering where my designs speak for themselves and to others without need for translation in Europe, Scandinavia or China, even in Tibet, though they do struggle with even the basics in Chumpland. :joy:
As you may be aware the manog clique are tying my hands with threats of a ban so I cannot introduce a little humour here or criticize, poke fun at their leader for saying that it is all the fault of China. Hey; he now reckons that he can cure the world of Caronavirus with a jab (injection) of disinfectant – why the manog clique want to highlight China as bad and protect this bozo is beyond me? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Without getting too political here and risking getting banned could I say with the greatest of respect that here in the UK we are drowning in “aims” and promises that turn out to be merely inspirations or entirely false (PPE etc etc) especially by our own bozo the :clown_face: I jumped in perhaps too soon with ephone and have reverted back to my old Android 4.2 phone but wish ephone and other alternatives to Chumpland OS’s, GoolagPlay and Apps all my best wishes especially the imminent ephoneOS variants to satisfy all (most) requirements. Just wish I know how to remove microG and do not wish to post deeper, more tekky concerns about microG committing to Android source code which may already contain all of those invasive code algorithms as we head into the new era. Why worry about a backdoor attack when the front doors are wide open :roll_eyes: What we all need right now is another cunning Baldrick plan. :pleading_face:
Hope I have not offended anyone :pensive: - Have Fun – Wish you all well at this time, wherever you are – Stay Safe. Yes; You and your devices! Have you bought that Faraday bag yet? The one that works for camera and location but not microphone! Please do not inject bleach or spend too long in the sun! :ok_hand:

Ah, my apologies. Guess I should’ve read your thread more carefully :slight_smile:

It’s not an opinion. MicroG is an alternative to the Google Play Services that respects more your privacy. (Don’t worry it’s the last time I say it :yum: )


Easy. Install LineageOS, and do not install microG.

More correct - microG is an alternative interface for using Google Play Services.