Contacts import to webmail error, functionality

I was attempting to send out an email to multiple contacts through webmail/Rainloop and noticed that I could not import contacts to Rainloop without problems.

In Contacts --> click on ‘…’ for myContacts --> download (defaults to VCF file)
Then in webmail/Rainloop --> click on the contacts button next to New Message --> click on the 3 bar button next to Trash --> select ‘Import (csv, vcf, vcf card)’

This error occurs: says
Import error (invalid file format)

If I convert the vcf file to csv, I can import it, but only a few contacts total will appear. This seems like a significant problem if Contacts does not mesh/sync with webmail/Rainloop automatically/seamlessly.

Known bug?

Are you aware of this doc ?

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No, I wasn’t, so thank you for making me aware.

I’ll say it again…this seems like a feature that should be automatically working under the hood. The process in the link above is all sorts of user-unfriendly. You could implement a single option somewhere to enable/disable sync-ing, but honestly this should be a main feature between contacts/email/etc within the ecosystem.

I agree …and this was a point we discussed with the development team. There were some hitches in getting this sync automated which dev was supposed to remove. Will check what happened to that and report back.

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