Contacts Not Syncing

New contacts created on my phone are not syncing with the cloud, is there a guide/method to start diagnosing why, thanks.

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What username are you using for authentication?

I speculate it’s due to not using the domain for the username. I filed this at bug at the time.

This can happen (by design) if the Contacts are created in the Device account/ address book, rather than your eCloud/Murena account. In Settings, you can choose which account to use by default when creating new contacts.

You can edit individual contacts to change which account they belong to

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I speculate it’s due to not using the domain for the username.
Thanks for that, I read the Issue, do I need to request creation of a account, and use that instead, can I create that account myself ?

This can happen (by design) if the Contacts are created in the Device account/ address book
Thanks for the pointers, I learnt that you need to setup things to point to the cloud account, not the ‘Device’.

I checked when setup and it synced a new contact correctly, but now it appears not to.

Checking in the Contacts App Setttings, the ‘Default Account for New Accounts’ is set as my account.

Checking in the newly saved Contact, the ‘Saving to’ setting is also set to the account.

do I need to request creation of a account?

you already have it, they’re aliases, just changing the username on your side should suffice

Thanks, just logged into the cloud from a laptop with, so as you say it is an alias.

Presume I need to create a new /e/ account on my Galaxy S7, (I actually see 2 accounts, /e/ and /e/ Address Book) however when trying adda a new /e/ account, I am told I can have only one /e/ account at a time, but removing the current account will delete all of its data.
It appears I can go to the Contacts App, and possibly create an additional /e/ Address Book account there, is that correct ?

Is there a correct procedure to follow to switch from using the to account.

Curious, is it just a limited number of users experiencing this ?

before removing the current account you’d need to save your contacts to reimport them later if anything goes wrong, but they should get created again when the new account is linked.

Removing the file or addressbook sync accounts will not delete any of the files (photos, documents) or contact entries on the remote (murenas nextcloud), you merely delete the “link” to your device. On readding the account your contacts will be added again.

I made a video on the process for a german user, I think from button positions it’s easy to retrace:

OK, thanks for the video link, very helpful, followed it until the ‘Add Account’ failed to add the /e/ account, using my email details, I left the ‘Specific server’ box blank, but also tried ‘’ in that dialogue, but neither would add the account.

Input account details, and it added the account straight away, what am I doing wrong ?? I see in your video you do not add anything to the ‘Specific Server’, ie its blank.

what /e/ and Android version are you on? (like “1.3” and “Q”)

the helptext on adding a new account should read “use your or…”, specific server can be left blank.

Edit: you’re not doing something wrong, it’s an issue in authentication server-side, where imo some users (created in a certain time frame?) can’t use the alias to authenticate. The workaround then is client-side and use the older “main domain”… can be wrong here but multiple feedbacks proved this to be the case, though it can be solved at any time server-side when somebody gets to it. Also re-adding the account could help if webdav autodiscovery then sets valid endpoints

Android OS: 10

/e/ OS: 1.4-20220920220045

Sorry not sure if its R or Q, where can I find that ?

OK, its now working, re added /e/ account, then added /e/ Address Book account through the contacts app, can’t remember if last time i added the /e/ account - the /e/ Address Book account was automatically populated, or I needed to add it through contacts
This time though 2x ‘WebDav’ accounts appeared, these have since been deleted.

Both phone and cloud update each other.

(Android: 10 = Q, 11 = R, 12 = S)

glad it works for you now. Yes sometimes the carddav account entry gets added with the webdav discovery, sometimes not… something something codepath. Good on you to have found the route through the contacts-app!

Hope the bug gets some priority and debugging server-side, we can’t do that from the outside

Thanks for your help on this, am a newby to OS /e/, happy so far.

I see the issue listed on Gitlab, is there a way I can ‘watch’ that Issue, to know if/when it gets fixed.

Yes, if you have an account on the /e/ gitlab. Login, open the issue and you will find a ‘Notifications’ button in the sidebar on the right hand side.

If you don’t yet have an account, try and create one. If you have problems, see this post