Continuing issue of delay to app updating in Apps Store

ProtonVPN app in Apps Store is v last updated 2021-07-12.
Latest version is v dated 2021-08-03 (available in Playstore).
I’d read previously that changes to Apps Store were being made that may resolve the issue of delays to app updating there.
I’m now on /e/os 18 and the issue is persisting.
Is there any progress being made to resolve these delays?

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There are some changes being done on the Apps Store. The development activity may take a month to complete. All these pending updates should be resolved after that.


Thanks for the quick reply.
That’s good to hear - look forward to it being resolved.

Easier in my opinion is to install apps from F-Droid (for FOSS apps) and Aurora Store for any other apps. You will get updates for installed apps as soon as they are made available by the developer to F-Droid or the Play Store. No waiting for updates, none of the bugs in Apps, and you know where your apps are coming from :wink:


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