CovPass-App digitaler Impfausweis Germany

This app from will be available in the next few days.
It is the digital vaccination card from / of Germany.
Programmed as an open source project.

Does anyone know if this app also runs on /e/?

We’ll see when it’s out, but it doesn’t even need to.
The German Corona Contact Tracing App, which works on /e/, just now is getting an update which adds the CovPass functionality to it.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Hopefully the update cycle of cwa via /e/ app store will be fast

You still get a proof of your vaccination on paper.

The CovPass app is in the Apps app store (version 0.160.3)

I have a developers’ test certificate which was accepted by the Corona Warn App, but CovPass claimed the signature was invaled.

So, if anyone downloads the app and successfully scanned a QR code, a feedback here would be appreciated :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

So, version 0.160.3 does definitely not work, but the current version

• 1.28.4

from the App app store works well, for both apps:

• CovPass
• NO: CovPass Check


Sorry, I did make a mistake yesterday, CovPass Check does not work in version 1.28.4

@Purzel: I guess you have 1.3.1 from the F-Droid app store, because there is no such app in the Aurora store, and the App app store offers 1.28.4 only.

Anyway, we will see an update in the near future.

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GS290 with “Apps” version 1.3.0. Both cov apps work perfectly here.

CovPass and CovPass Check (both v1.28.4) form /e/ APP store work on my S9 with e0.17-q.

I can confirm, that the CovPass Check app works indeed, but only NOW that the 15th day after the second vaccination has been reached :roll_eyes:

I cannot remember all possible reasons that were given, but the first was that the certificate does not conform to the European specifications, leading me to the assumption that the app could not confirm the signature or so.

But hey, who on earth wants perfection ? :grin: