Crash with /e/ telephon

I bought a samsung S7 edge already with /e/ last month.
this morning, no more icons ! only 3 (one of the system and two I added) ; no more dock with telephon, message, etc…
I have rebooted twice, I can’t reach parameters icon.
I don’t know what doing…
thank you.

Hi @sacha,
Sorry to hear about your problems with the ephone. Did you get update on the phone recently or did you try to install any app on it.

Hi Sophie,

Sorry to read you are having issues with your /e/ smartphone.
Please send an email to: including more details about the behavior and issues you are experiencing. Ideally include screenshots and the OS version your phone is currently running on.
The support is available in English mainly and french if that helps too.
Best regards.

right at the begining, the maps app wasn’t available, so I sent message to magic earth and they send me the new apk. all is good now. I did it yesterday or the day before.

I also tried to pair my e phone with my car with bluetooth : problem again.

and now from this morning, at the boot : no icons, I have only the app suggestions with telephone, message, maps and mail (seetings on the right top side).

thank uou for your help. if necessary tell me how to reset all the phone.

device model : SM-G935F androïd version : 7.1.2


Hi @sacha, the issue with bluetooth was resolved with an update for the samsung phones. Pl can you check if you have the latest system update . I have a different OS version and device so not sure if I am sharing the correct location but you check in Settings > About Phone > System update …
If you see updates available for your phone please run the same.