Creation of table with complete information of supported features and apps per supported device

There are over 80 devices currently being supported. The complete list can be found at

What is currently being missing though is what device features or apps may not working completely for each device that is listed on the above link.

My aim is to contribute to the creation of a table so it would be easy for others to decide at any moment in time which devices best fit their needs. With this existence of such table, we would know which devices are mostly supported, and which need further enhancement/improvement.

In long term, the table could also serve as a QA checklist, so before a ROM is released the associated developer would be able to fill-in the table.

Additionally , the table could also list what Apps may not be working.

Any thoughts or ideas on the format of table and what columns and rows that may include would be much appreciated.

If a ticket has been opened on gitlab should we also match it to the table?

I would appreciate if you can start listing out here any issues that you have come across so we can start drafting the table.

Any ideas that can contribute to the creation of such table are welcome.


I think one quick solution to this, that would require no maintenance of the table would be to add two new columns in the red highlighted area shown in the Smartphone Selector

Let’s add two columns named as
[Open Issues] [Resolved Issues]

Definition of columns
[Open Issues] It points to existing bugs or improvements that have not yet been resolved
[Resolved Issues] It points to bugs or improvements that have already been fixed

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