CUSTOM BUILD - Android 10 (Q) eOS GSI

How would I be able to build this rom for my device that doesnt have lineage os. Is it possible to convert my samsung rom into e?

it’s a GSI. GSI is a Generic System Image and should fit for ALL treble supporting devices. If your device is treble supporting you can find here Device support (Project Treble)

Android 10 based GSIs didn’t work on the FP3 so far, but someone found a way to fix some libraries on the vendor partition:

Following that I was able to run the LOS 17.1 GSI so I assume it will also work with the Android 10 based /e/ GSI.

As the FP3 is scheduled to officially receive an Android 10 update on Sept. 7th my hope would be that with an updated vendor partition the Android 10 based GSIs will run out of the box.


on my phone the latest full version does not work the resent button

Have you tried to set it up under Settings/System/Buttons?

but it didn’t do much good, it continued the same way, then I installed another laucher with the resins by magisk and it worked

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On all my 4 Xiaomi devices all buttons where working out of the box. So it seems to be a device specific issue

are the virtual buttons, but it’s only in the last full version of August 3rd that this is happening

September :wink:

I will continue on an earlier version so I wait for you bro :v:

@harvey186 do you have any tips or tricks for installing on Samsung? I’ve installed a lot of GSI’s on devices with fastboot but no samsungs yet. I’m on Samsung Tab S5e that shipped with 9 although it was updated to android 10 by samsung when sent in for repair work. Don’t know of any advantage yet, but it appears as though they left it in ENG MODE when they shipped it back. I have a choice of 4 recoveries for it(stock, TWRP, SHRP by me, LOS by me) how do I install gsi safely? Safely meaning I don’t want to boot windows to flash stock with odin to repair fudged-up attempt.

Hi @tek3195
For Samsung devices we used to use Heimdall command instead of Fastboot command, but i dont know if exist the command
heimdall boot --RECOVERY twrp.img --no-reboot
instead of
heimdall flash --RECOVERY twrp.img --no-reboot

I have twrp installed now. I’m wondering about gsi installation.

If you have installed twrp, you can copy the GSI.img on your device and flash it with twrp. Twrp has an option to flash .img files

ok I was wanting to make sure first. I know there are some differences in installation methods as I’ve always flashed with fastboot which includes --disable-verification in flash vbmeta command. Not having used twrp for gsi installation before left me wondering how that was done. There are no such options in any twrp I am aware of and the newer Samsungs I’ve found very picky about vbmeta verification. Do you have a gsi that you recommend and any guesstimate on test release of /e/ for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e ?

hello world

I don’t own a Samsung device. So I don’t know for sure how it could work.
I would prefer asking the web. I think there will be a howto flash a gsi on samsung. On XDA ir Sansung forum I think you will find something.

do you have a link to a guide to make a custom build android 9 / 10 GSI version?
Do you have a repo to clone to get the patched repo to build?


Hi, in the HowTo’s you can find all for building pie-GSI

Q-GSI is very difficult and there must a lot manually changed to remove all goolag calls. That’s why I haven’t created a HowTo yet.


Truly an amazing day. Pixel 3 running e - thank you @harvey186

it was me a pleasure :smiley: :innocent: :innocent: