[CUSTOM BUILD] Motorola Moto E (condor)

I made an update for this device, enjoy :slight_smile: :

TWRP : https://dl.twrp.me/condor/

Note : this is a custom build and not an unofficial build because the system partition is too small to have all the system apps in it (that’s why this device doesn’t receive official updates anymore).
Magic Earth, Pdf Viewer Plus and LibreOffice Viewer have been removed. Hopefully, you can easily download those apps thanks to the built-in /e/ Apps Installer. Search them and install them.
Browser has also been removed, you can find the .apk file next to the build.

The only difference is that they will be user apps instead of system apps.

Don’t forget to backup and share your experience, thanks :wink:


Thank you. Currently downloading. I will report back on how it works

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thank you!

I have installed righ now (I had a /e/ from 2019) making a factory reset (wipe etc.) and it seems all works after boot.

Now I will install a couple of apps from fdroid.

I have a question please, if you update this custom build in the future will it make it directly from OTA channel or do I have to download and install it manually? Should then be enough to sideload it instead a full clean install? Thank you

Welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

No OTA, sorry. You will have to sideload. If you face issues, wipe.

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