Custom launcher can't show recent apps / Trebuchet keeps crashing

So… this might sound ungrateful, but I just can’t work with the e/OS launcher. It’s absolutely “not my thing”. So I’ve switched to Apex Launcher Classic (use that since 2011, since it wasn’t “classic”).

Now. Everything works. EXCEPT for the RECENT-key. I can press that, nothing happens. I can press it 3-4 times, than I got an error “Trebuchet has crashed”. Now, this sucks. I DO need another launcher, but I also DO need recent apps to work. Did anyone have the same problem, or can anyone verify if this is happening to them too?

Any workaround would be great. I am rooted, have LSPosed installed and use GravityBox as well.

Last info: I use the offfical E-1.0-recovery, never had TWRP installed together with e/OS

Trebuchet is associated with the default launcher, Bliss.

Please try

Settings > Apps and notifications > Show all > 3 dot menu, top right, > Show system > Bliss launcher > Storage > Delete data/storage

You might try the same with your launcher.

Either it works or your launcher does not really support “Recent horizontal scrolling”.

In which case try a different launcher.

Thanks aibd! I did clean data/cache in Trebuchet but not in Bliss. This did the trick and Apex is up and running WITH recents! Thank you. Topic may be closed!