Dark mode displays attachments in reversed color

Hello world,

When I open an attachement or downloaded document image or pdf the color are reversed. I use a samsung S9 but I also confirm the problem on FP3.


I’ve also had this behaviour for a while, I wish there was an option to change it.

I ended up installing a different pdf viewer (foxit)

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It is not only with pdf but images too

Hello @Manoj :wave: did the team plan to do something about that ?

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Pl can you raise an issue in gitlab with details of the bug. That can be assigned to the developer and tracked.

it’s there already in Images and dark theme in PDF Viewer (#4140) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab … and basically waiting for Update PdfViewer with v3.3 (#1348) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab as >= 3.6 offers a setting to revert the black-background in the App itself (if unpatched though)


Thanks for pointing this out @tcecyk …will ask the team to put an updated milestone around this


Unfortenately this issue has been example issue for me that I shouldn’t bother to add issue at gitlab. If issue as simple as this cannot be solved (well now I’m able install working version from f-droid on next to pre-installed version), why even try reporting other issues anymore… And unfortenately there are much more of those after /e/ went out of beta.