Delete photo in open camera

hie, i can t succeed in deleting photo in open camera v1.46.i have to use galery to delete photos. In open camera i haven t got menu to delete immediately the photo.
Is it normal ?



yes it is. the only thing you can to with the picture is sharing or printing but no deletion. Therefore you have to use an other app. It dump , I know

ok thx a lot
but why this choice ?
can you advise me an other app ?

You can use ‘simple camera’ but ‘open camera’ is the better app with better pictures.

Is it really so much work to delete the unwanted photos later via gallerie ?

And if you are using ‘Gallery’ app for opening thd camera, you need one step less for deletion the photo

i found the option that allow me to delete the photo just after it will be taken
“Plus de parametre” > “Mettre en pause après la prise de photo”


Hi, I think it would be easier to have a bucket button just near the share icon at the bottom of the image.

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Hi everyone.

I’ve posted the same suggestion on another post, but I’ll put it here for everyone’s convenience.

I’m currently using Open Camera v1.49.1, in Android 11.

I found a way to delete the photos in the Open Camera app.

  • In the Open Camera app, tap the ‘view photos’ button on the bottom right
  • Once you are viewing the photos itself, just pinch the screen (two fingers slide towards each other)
  • It will zoom out and will show other photos on the sides.
  • You can swipe left or right to choose the photos you want to delete
  • Once you found the photo you want to delete, you can just swipe up or down to delete it.
  • If you accidentally deleted a photo, you can undo the action by tapping the undo button on the bottom right

This works for my phone. Your mileage may vary.

Hope this helps.