Deploying own apps possible?


I will start using /e/ soon, but I have to know if I will be able to deploy my own created android apps to the OS the regular way.
Am I?

Have a nice day!

HI @Augustronic you should be able to install them on /e/ as well. Some time back was trying out some simple apps on Android studio and they installed without any issues on /e/. Was able to delete them as well later. Go ahead and try it and let us know in case of issues …

Great, thank you!

Have a nice day!

I thought you mean to integrate it in the rom itself as default app. Or have I understand wrong ?

No, wrong.
Just adding my own apps to my mobile device.

Have a nice day!

Ah, ok, thx for clarification

do you just want to install your created apps on your own device, or do you plan to publish them on the F-Droid/store or on the /e/apps/store ?

Only own device right now.