Desktop mode after e/OS S upgrade not working

Hello everybody,

I’ve used desktop mode available over developer settings many times. After upgrade on e/OS S 1.5.1 on my FP4 this mode is not working correctly anymore.

16:9 fullscreen is working. Also multi windows. But neither I can’t resize any window nor I can’t move it. It’s fixed on central postion.

Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this issue?

Thanks a lot.

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in R there used to be an option right below the Force desktop mode setting a Enable free-form sizecompat (“Allows sizecompt apps to be in free form”). Is that option gone in S? haven’t upgraded yet to check

This is available

can’t give specific advice, my household is lacking an hdmi-to-hdmi cable atm :slight_smile: - I’d disable enable-non-resizable-in-multi-window and check if this enables the “sizecompat” Apps to be resizeable.

Are you sure all Apps are affected to be fixed size? it reads like you’d need a sizecompat App to have the feature at all. Sorry I’m not a user of this, just speculating

I do have switched on and off all option. But no positive effect. I guess there are some changes between Android 11 and 12. Before upgraded my FP4 everything worked perfect.