Desktop mode remapping

greetings fellow users, i have come in a time of “great” need, is it possible to change the behaviors of the mouse clicks in desktop mode?
for example: when something needs a long press, have it be the right mouse button instead.
Is something like this possible?

One would certainly expect that right click (secondary) mouse button would open a context menu in just the same way as a long press.

Do you see this behaviour all across the whole device? If partial, do you sometimes see context menus as expected within the phone, but the problem only exists in some / all apps?

I guess it might depend on your hardware. In this thread there is some discussion about which dock to use.

Is your setup direct to a monitor or via a PC or laptop – does the OS there support this type of dock?

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I am using a usb c dock.
I really only wanna do this with one app, so idk if its different for other apps (since they are not my concern).

I guessed I asked those questions to try to work out if this was a deficiency in the app or the phone or in the other hardware. If the right mouse opens the secondary menu in most parts of the phone, I guess you would blame the app; if the context menu never works then it is a different issue.

Ill try it out after work, thank you.

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so, i tried a few apps, one registers the right click but doesnt do anything with it.
Vivaldi in desktop mode recognized the right click context menu.
The app im trying to make all of this work (right click have the same menu appear as with a long press) is newpipe.

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