Detail comparison: Librem 5 PureOS, Fairphone 3 Android or e-android?

Why not wait for more pure :blush: Librem 5?

What kind of detail comparison are you after?
Hardware (Librem 5 vs. Fairphone 3)?
Software (Linux vs. Android)?
Overall different priorities and approaches (privacy by hardware design and open software vs. fair material sourcing, fair production and 10/10 iFixit repairability)?

I raise you a “Why not wait for the PinePhone?” :wink:
“An Open Source Smart Phone Supported by All Major Linux Phone Projects”


I would be happy if PureOS would run (better) on PinePhone or if the librem apps would be integrated in the PinePhone PureOS version


Yes, all things privacy, security and FOSS. Hardware, software, blobs. Money spent on OS and software. Cloud services and price.

These for Librem 5 vs. pinephone, say only buy pinephone if Librem 5 price is too high for you. (What quality OS do you get for 10 per phone?)

No one did a detail comparison of Librem 5 with PureOS vs. Fairphone 3 with Android or e-android (What quality OS for 30 per phone?)

There might be a reason why nobody did this … it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Of course that’s not a valid reason to stop anybody from hacking together some clickbait, but … still.

The Librem 5 and the Fairphone 3 don’t share much of a target audience in my point of view, most people would totally consider one and totally not consider the other for various reasons.

You want Linux? No Fairphone 3 (currently).
You want hardware kill switches? No Fairphone 3.
You want Android? No Librem 5 (currently).
You want Dual-SIM? No Librem 5.
You want industry-leading efforts to go into fair material sourcing and fair production? No Librem 5.
You want 10/10 iFixit repairability? Ok, iFixit haven’t checked the Librem 5 yet.

You can compare the hardware specs, that’s trivial.
You can compare Linux on smartphones with Android, that doesn’t have much to do with the Fairphone 3 at least, and you could even do it without the Librem 5 by going with UBports (ex Ubuntu Touch).
The priorities that went into the creation of both phones are different by a mile … you can tell the stories, but how do you compare them? Using what yard stick?


the major problem with a Linux phone imo is app compatibility / availability
this is where /e/ shines - even though not all apps work on /e/, ime about 95% does

Applying this logic, the major problem with an Android phone would then be Linux compatibility/ availability.
This is where Linux on a phone shines - even if not all Linux software is prepared to be usable in phone constraints yet. :wink:

I’ve been waiting for a Linux phone for a long time and yet I can’t get to use any because it wouldn’t work (as a phone) in Brazil.
The spyware apps like WhatsApp doesn’t matter to me anymore so I would love to get my hands on a UBports or Purism phone.
Still waiting for the chance :slight_smile:

Why are you saying it is not going to work? Anything related to the mobile carrier or network?

Am not so thrilled about the Librem 5. Especially, after seeing their battery life is less than a few hours at most and that it looks like a soap box, lol.

Edit: They have heating issues too.

Purism Librem 5 hardware changes and improves fast. Comparing is not trivial now. Both have removable battery - Good. Librem has camera, microphone, radio kill switches - Better. Priorities - Fair materials and worker wages? Both pay China for hardware. Who pays more? Purism pays software developers California USA wages? Fair phone with e foundation pays Netherlands, France and India wages? Yes, difficult comparing. Somebody should study details and report.

Running more apps of all kinds: Android Fair phone. Privacy and software freedom (FOSS) - Purism Librem 5.