Device and ecloud contacts sync


Sorry if I am posting a subject that might in some form already available.

Anyway, my problem is that I do not seem to be able to set my phone up to sync my on device contacts with the contacts.

If I add my /e/ account or set up Davx5, its contact list appear as a separate account alongside with the Device contacts. Syncing my Dav5x contacts with its ecloud counterpart was successful. (Although only when I hit synchronize in the webdav app. It did not work in the stock /e/ contacts app.)

This is fine but what I really want is to be able to sync my device contact list WITH my contacts list.
Especially so since the stock mail app is able to select contacts from the device contact list.
(It would be nice if I could choose contact form my contact list.)

I hope there IS a solution.
(Or maybe this feauture is not implemented yet…)

Thank you,


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I am facing the same problem and would still be happy about a solution or even a work around.
I tried to just export the device contacts, but somehow the export always contains only contact. Exporting them all, to import them in the other account would take ages :-/

I would be happy about any help or tipps!

Cheers Frauke

@Feya, in order to export all contacts from the device please try this.

Contacts > Top left hamburger menu > Settings > Export

This dialog offers Export to .vcf file and Share all contacts.

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Thank you so much! :smiley:

I think I have the same problem, but this solution doesn’t work for me. My phone says all contacts are exported/shared, but nothing shows up in my /e/ account. Any hints?

Ok, I was able to export on the phone to a .vcf file now, and when selecting the file later it offered to import to the /e/ account, and the contacts show up there now.

That’s great, but…
If I change an entry on the /e/ account, these changes don’t show up on the device account. However, when trying to delete the entry on the device, it warns me that this will delete the entry in multiple places, so it knows there is another one. When editing the entry on the phone, it offers a selection on editing the entry on the device or the one in the /e/ account…

Well, that’s not exactly what I understand as “synchronization”. Shouldn’t changes in the /e/ account be sync’ed back to the device entries instead of being somehow merger or overlayed with them?

Hi @greyghost welcome to the /e/ forum. I am pleased you got that half sorted. Please leave a little time for sync to settle ! I would advise against changing the settings in a random way in the first few days, but I think that the default sync is 30 minutes. (The remote server may also prioritise tasks for a new account; just a personal observation - a sync is usually just the delta, but new accounts have to be robustly started !)

Yes, I see. I don’t want to be unpatient here, but getting contacts to work is a rather important feature for me.
However, I somehow feel this went down the wrong road now: Looks like I have two sets of contacts (one on /e/ and one in the device) that are somewhat “linked” together. The contact app shows a merged version. I’d really like to have proper synchronization instead, so any change on either end should pop up at the other end sooner or later. Is this possible?

Hm, I changed a couple of other entries now, and it looks like it does work as expected now. Maybe I was distracted by the fact that the entries were sorted differently on the phone and on the /e/ website. Also, the speed of the sync appears to vary quite a lot. So maybe you’re right, I have to be more patient.

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