Device Neutrality in the EU Digital Markets Act (DMA)

this flew past me, so I thought to share. An interestgroup introduced the term “Device Neutrality” (manifesto) a while ago that demands the right to run software of your choice on hardware you own. In the words of the FSFE page on it

Device Neutrality is a policy concept to enable end-users to bypass gatekeepers in order to run Free Software and use services independently of the control exercised by hardware manufacturers, vendors, and platforms

The concept is reflected in articles of the EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) - legislation that got passed in the EU Parliament in July 2022. This PDF lists the obligations of a gatekeeper once being designated as such by this regulatory tool.

Apart from the aspect of being free to choose the software, users in this forum are aware about outside pressure when you need to run software: Transporation, Government, Banking Apps depending on APIs that are implemented in “private” within e.g. Play Services.

While the manifesto touches on this with APIs being accessible, the legislation itself doesn’t really go into this but in distant wording in Art.6(7) that also has an exception for systems integrity. Maybe this is something that needs to be covered by law when public money is involved.

Legislation can be a two-sided sword (Cookiebanners), but I see no downside for there being now a legal framework to protect EU businesses in their activities and citizens in their usage of software on devices in dominated markets.


All apps have to be deletable, and walls between apps are no longer allowed. So, everything has to be compatible Telegram with Messenger with Facetime and so on.
Big changes for /e/ too? Finally the possibility to delete pre-installed apps as there are “Apps” what is a backdoor to G00gl? Yes, mandatory in the EU from tommorrow november 1, 2022!

Big changes for /e/ too?

in short: no - it’s legislation targeted at “gatekeepers” meeting certain criteria

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