[Device Roadmap] Android 9 (Pie) & 10 (Q) : The plan

Hi @Manoj. When can we expect to see ROMs for the new devices -e.g Sony Xperia Z3 Compact - start to appear?


Hi, we are working to have as most as unofficial builds as possible. First we will create unofficial builds to update/upgrade what is already existing (official and unofficials builds), then we will start to create unofficial builds for requested devices, when sources exist. I don’t know how many time it will take. 3 months ? Maybe less.


Hi @petefoth, as @Anonyme mentioned it could take a couple of months. We will release test builds made on our infrastructure with the full compliment of /e/ apps and in the latest OS possible…Pie or Oreo which ever the device permits and release them for users to test and report back.
The better the feedback the faster those devices get on the official list. BTW Test and Official builds are made on the same infrastructure same code but different keys.
Q code will take atleast 2 months in my estimation to get ready for testing in builds. Then we will repeat the process of releasing test builds.
We will be updating all users on the progress here on the forum.


What if someone has an unofficial build of a newly supported phone? Does she have to install the official build in order to get updates or it doesn’t male any difference?

To switch from an unofficial / test / custom ROM to the official version of /e/ you will have to flash the official /e/ build manually the first time. This is because builds are made with different set of keys.
Once the official build is flashed subsequent official builds will be available Over the Air (OTA).


Hello @Manoj, it’s really great.
For info, Oppo R7Plus has been locked, apparently after an update 2 years ago (cf. my post Unlocking Opp R7plus bootloader)
If ever somebody has a workaround, I am interested, but don’t let users think they will unlock there Oppo phone if this has not been done “before” this update :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all the work of the /e/ team.

Hi Manoj, will we need to do a wipe for this when flashing? Or can we keep all our apps and data?

Take a backup of all your data first and then wipe before flashing the new ROM.

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currently when i update I don’t wipe, and just flash the updated ROM. That is how OTA updates work too, right? Why should I do it differently when moving from an unofficial ROM to the officially supported ROM…?

it’s just a precaution, I guess.

I would make an backup and than a dirty flash. That should normally work

Official or unofficial may appear to be just a label, but may (or may not) actually imply more changes… perhaps a change in the sources or repositories, change in ROM signature, etc…
In my opinion flashing an official ROM over a non-official one should be done cleanly.

@Manoj What about the Mi A1 (which is already running on Pie) ? If I understand the Mi A1 will be upgrade only if LOS 17.1 works on the phone. Is that right?

For now the Mi A1 (tissot) will officially stay on Pie because LineageOS doesn’t support officially Android 10 for tissot.

But if there is somewhere (most probably on the forum “xda”) a working unofficial LineageOS 17.1 for your device, then an unofficial build of /e/ will be made for it a few weeks after Android 10 will be available for /e/.
And if this hypothetic unofficial build of /e/ works perfectly, then it could become official.

@Thomas , @Anonyme , since 1 week, tissot has official support for LineageOS 17.1


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Oh okay thank you, so when Android 10 will be available, we will create a test build for tissot and for other LOS 17.1 and /e/ supported devices, then ask to the community if testers can test them. If everything work, it becomes official.

By the way, do you have a tip to follow the status of LOS devices please ? It’s to be able to easily update my list without looking for each device each time.

EDIT : I will keep an eye on the history of this page and this page to see if devices are upgraded, added or removed.

No sorry, I don’t have any special tip to follow status. I learned of the news, in a Telegram Group of tissot.

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That is right for all devices. A properly working - which means all apps + features like incoming out going calls, wifi, bluetooth should be working in the 17.1 implementation. These are the basic requirements for upgrading a device.


Thank you @Manoj and @Anonyme for your answers.

It’s OK for me to stay on Pie as long as you keep to update the phone. Do you know if you will continu to update this phone for some time?

Yes, tissot will still be supported by /e/ on Pie, and then will be supported on Android 10 if there is no issue during the test phase. (Once it will be supported on Android 10, it won’t be supported on Pie anymore).


Anyone tested the tissot on LOS 17.1 ? Is the build stable ?
BTW I also own a tissot which runs on the official Pi/e/ :slight_smile: