Device says it is not compatible while is it on the supported list

Hi there,

First time here. I am trying to install /e/ OS on my OnePlus 7T Pro (McLaren) and I was intrigued by the quick installation process with the Windows software.

However, after following carefully the instructions given by the installation it unfortunately says that my device is not compatible (HD1917).

I am running Lineage 18.1 and as the project is a fork of it I don’t see the reason why the software does not recognise it as being compatible.

Let me know if it happens on your end and how I can resolve this issue.

Many thanks.

Hi, The EasyInstaller only supports a few devices at present. This list can be viewed here
Development of the Easy Installer is a community effort. Which means users with development skills volunteer to update the code to add support for more devices. At present, there are no efforts to support the 7T Pro to the best of my knowledge.

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Maybe it’s a good idea to rephrase “Your XXX is not yet supported by /e/ OS” a bit.

Something along the lines of “Your XXX is not supported by the /e/ easy-installer. Please check our list of supported devices if your XXX is supported for manual installation.”?!?

Just a first suggestion, maybe there’s a way to not use “supported” three times :smiley:

Or “Please check our compatibility list at if you can manually install /e/ on your XXX”.


Hi Ingo, Will pass the suggestion on to the developer


Hi Manoj,

Thank you for the list. I did not see it at first. It makes sense now.

Many thanks.

Good idea Ingo_FP_Angel! :smile:

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