Difference between Minimal S vs S?

Hi, I’m happy user of /e/OS “R” on my rather old Galaxy S5, but I’m thinking about giving it to my kid and buying used Pixel 4 variant. I have noticed, that Pixel 4 XL has version “Minimal S” in the table. What is actually the difference between “S” and “Minimal S”? Thank you.

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This is a contraction of “Android S - MINIMAL_APPS”. Android S is the Android version, no change there.

Devices where MINIMAL_APPS are specified generally have less space to install the “full size” /e/OS.

According to How to Build the /e/OS ROM?

For now it’s removing LibreOffice viewer, PDFViewer, Maps and Weather.

In a current build, you are likely to get the current spec. build minus PDF Viewer and Maps. Both of these can be downloaded easily from your favourite store.

Search forum MINIMAL_APPS

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Thank you very much for such a detailed reply. That’s great to know. I actually prefer bare OS and install only tools which I need.