Different fields within /e/ Contacts and my own Nextcloud contacts


I’m using FP3+ with /e/

By contacts app with my FP3+ I’m actually reading/writing my contact list stored in my own Nextcloud room (is not /e/ but provided by another association using Nextcloud to offer storing services).To sync them there is the WebDav “engine” by defaoult on /e/ (with correct parameters for connection and syncronization)

With FP3+ for one of my contacts I’ve added more customized field to enter differents phone numbers (see the scrshoot)

On my Nextcloud room the contact doesn’t reply the same customized info
scrshoot nextcloud room

It’s seems like to be a format issue. Maybe app and nextcloud use different sets.

Do you have any clue abot how to fix.

Thanks indeed in advance anybody would like to reply.


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