Dirty flash /e/ over LineageOS for microG - all apps and data still present

Well that was a nice surprise: my backup phone (Sony Xperia Z5 Compact suzuran) is setup with an unofficial build of LineageOS for microg. Lawnchair 2 launcher, lots of apps installed, 2 NextCloud accounts, 4 email accounts etc.

I have a test build of e-15-q and I forgot to wipe data / factory reset before flashing the /e/ ROM. When the phone booted up, all my apps, my Homescreen setup, my NextCloud and email accounts, were all there.

Most apps needed to confirm permissions when I first ran them, and accounts for a few apps - the ones which store their own passwords rather than use Account Manager (including Messenger, Twidere, Ebay, Garmin Connect) - had gone and had to be re-entered. Still saved my a lot of time in setting up the phone from scratch or restoring a TWRP backup. Colour me very happy :slight_smile:


Yeah, that’s an unexpectedly joyful surprise.

I’ve had a similar experience.A dusty LG G3 d855 with e-0.9-n(ougart) and some FOSS apps have been used for an upgrade test.

So I just swiped the caches and installed via dirty flash /e/ OS ‘Q’ e-0.14-q-20210217102270-dev. There were no error messages in TWRP 3.3.1-0, no bootloop.

The d855 could be set up without any problems. At first sight everything is ok. Amazing, amazing - this old machine now standing there in new e’Q’ glory …

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