Disable location icon in status bar for single app

I’m using /e/OS 1.5.1-s-20221102231514-stable-FP4 on my Fairphone 4.

After upgrading to Android 12, one of the changes I noticed is that every couple of moments, the location icon appears in the status bar and stays there for a moment as a blue dot. Unfortunately I’m unable to create a screenshot - the blue dot is always missing.

I know that is related to exactly one app that regularly checks for my location and Android wants to inform me about this.

Although I consider this useful in most cases, for this app it is pretty annoying.

Is there any way to disable the notification only for this app in the status bar? I already discovered the setting to completely hide the location notification, but that’s not what I am looking for.

Thanks in advance!

BTW: Has anyone seen the location icon being present without the location service has been switched on? I have the location service always off except some rare moments, but I had in the last weeks two cases where the icon was there and didn’t go away until I did a reboot.

this is a push as a friendly reminder

I can confirm this, and yes, this is annoying.

As far as I can see it, this is caused by Mozilla UnifiedNlp Backend. Would be great if this could be fixed.

created a gitlab issue:

The strange thing is: I’ve disabled the Mozilla backend :thinking:

Please note that the issue is still present with the latest version 1.7.