Disabling default calendar app/notifications


Ever since upgrading to android Q on my S9, I’ve been noticing very frequent “synchronisation” notifications from the calendar app. In fact, the settings app says there are over 180 per day!

I do not use this app at all since I am using a third party alternative (the ProtonMail calendar). However the phone won’t allow me disable the app or even the notifications only.

Does any one know how I can fix this issue?

Beyond this, I appreciate that e is trying to build a complete ecosystem for its OS, but forcing some of the apps just seems weird to me. In fact most default e apps cannot be deactivated in this version of the OS.

To end on a positive note, this is a very small issue to have, I’m very glad the upgrade went through smoothly. I just hope I can find a fix.

Here is a screenshot of the notification options (in French) with the option to change anything disabled and the 180+ figure for notifications per day.

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It is tiresome, there is a report here tracking this issue. Unexpected "Event notifications" every 6min that disappears after 1s (#2049) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

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in the gitlab issue this isn’t mentioned by a cursory reading: reducing the sync interval of caldav from every other 120 seconds to a few hours. Every 4hrs will be 6 events per day.

Settings → Accounts → your user → Account extra setting → your user → gear wheel symbol (next to three dot menu) → Synchronisation → calendars sync interval → every 4 hours


That’s really useful actually, since I don’t use this calendar app I’ve simply disabled the sync altogether. Hopefully that completely gets rid of the issue.