Discreet Launcher, an alternative to Open Launcher/Bliss

For those that are using Open Launcher as an alternative to Bliss (like me), you might also consider the Discreet Launcher, available via F-Droid.

My test /e/OS device is a legacy Samsung S6 and while it is an excellent device, given its age the battery just doesn’t have the same capacity that it once did -the app “AccuBattery” measures it at around 65% of original specs. Using its data, I found that Open Launcher is not the most energy efficient application and when I found Discreet Launcher I decided to see if it handled power any differently.

To my surprise and delight, the Discreet Launcher uses about 1/4 the energy that Open Launcher does in my tests. Of course, your usage is likely different from mine and thus “your mileage may vary”!

But for those that feel constrained by Bliss and may currently be using Open Launcher as an alternative AND may be having age-related battery issues as I am, Discreet may be a helpful tool to have in the toolbox. (Lots of qualifiers there! :laughing: )

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