DNSCrypt on /e/

Today we can configure an /e/phone so that it connects to web-sites using DNS-over-TLS (DoT, Private DNS). And we can setup the most important Browsers in a way that they use DNS-over-Https (DoH).

On the following link you’ll find an interesting comparison between DoT, DoH and DNSCrypt, stating that DNSCrypt has several advantages compared with both, DoT and DoH:

According to the links below, it is possible to use DNSCrypt on devices with an OS of the Android-family (dnsproxy):

Does somebody have already experiences with DNSCrypt on Android or /e/?

(I just installed DNSCrypt on my Windows10-computer using the tool SimpleDNSCrypt https://simplednscrypt.org , checked it with https://dnsleaktest.com , and–after some hours trial-and-error–it seems to work well with the quad9-DNSCrypt-server. Now I’m just curious, if and how it is possible to use it on my /e/phone)

Many thanks for any comment or advice in advance!


Would love to see this on Android

I use DNSCrypt on all of my ROMs, including /e/, mostly via InviZible Pro Beta. In all modes (root with VPN, as a VPN, or as a proxy with say TrackerControl).
Good stuff with lots of control. Lots of servers and relays to choose from. Can narrow the choices, too. Such as must support DNSSEC or non-logging only or include/exclude ad-blocking servers.


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