Do I ever have to update /e/

Being a windows kid since windows 3.11 I am very used to update my OS.

Since summer 2020 I am running /e/ on my Xperia and I am verty happy with it … but do I ever have to update it? Looking into my /e/ settings it says its from October 2019, and if I let the phone check for updates, it says there are not any.

I am not worried or concerned, actually more confused …

Any help/advise is very much appreciated

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If you didn’t make any changes to the default settings and your phone has a mobile connection you will be prompted automatically once there is an update for e available. The update process (OTA, over the air) should be simple: Dowland as suggested by e, confirm OK for installation on a fully charged phone, follow all instructions, wait a bit, done.

I did not make any changes, I do not have a SIM card connection is via WIFI only.

Never have been prompted to update, if I let the phone check for updates (settings), it says there is nothing to update. Maybe there is nothing to update … how can/should I manually update?
It says my version is from October 2019 (?)

Is your phone in the list of the official supported phones?

bingo, its not on the offical list. Sorry, my bad.
So no updates for me.

It may be on others list :