Does /e/ microG send info to Google?

Recently been challenged by a LineageOS fan about the fact that /e/ using microG is hence sending info to google.
I understood you were using a specific version of microG with no link back to Goggle.
Is that correct?


Those, who would know exactly, seem too busy to answer. So I will answer as to my knowledge. If I’m wrong, it might those mentinonned first stimulate to correct me.

I think there are no different versions of microG. If you read the instructions on how to set up microG - is what i’m thinking of - then it becomes clear, that microG only replaces Googles own apps on your phone by free ones. But they nervertheless connect to Googles servers and thus deliver at least metadata to Google. You even will have to create and provide a unique device identifier for your phone!

The positive part about microG is, that not as many data will be transferred to Google as its own apps would do and that you can switch the apps off and on at any time.