Does /e/OS address security and encryption as well as privacy?

I plan to put /e/OS on a Fairphone 3.
Does /e/OS encrypt my data on the Fairphone 3?
Do i still need an anti-malware product such as Avast or some such?
Is there a standard vpn i shoudl use for communications?

Many thanks for your help


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you can encrypt your device if you want. You will also be able to relock the bootloader ofter install of eOS.
From my site of view, Avast is only slow down the whole system.I never have used any anti virus or antimalware in the last ten years. And never have had an issue. But if you want, you can istall it. no problem.
The best is, you are using a tracker blocker like TrackerControl.
But than you can’t use any other outside VPN, what normally is also not needed


I would definitely use a vpn… I use Nord currently but i wouldn’t recommend them because of the in-app trackers… So maybe use like protonvpn or airvpn. Just a thought.
As @harvey186 recommended, you could use TrackerControl too, but it’s either vpn or TC, sadly.
Anyway you have to pick and choose priorities

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The Fairphone 3 can have a locked bootloader and has encryption by default.

For me, an anti-virus has always been at the same level than a virus. It has access to everything and you don’t know what’s going on.
Don’t install apps from sources you don’t trust or apps that aren’t popular, update your OS to have security updates and you won’t have any issue.

If you use a VPN like NordVPN, the official app has some trackers in it. You can then use “OpenVPN for Android” instead of the original app for instance.


@Anonyme said it precisely. Don’t use viruses or antiviruses and you’re ok

Thats very helpful. Thank you.

Perfect. Thanks for your help.

Thanks AnotherElk. Helpful article.

Thank you donut3 and Anonyme. An interesting perspective.

Yepp, anytime, glad to help you