Does Grindr work?

Bit of an awkward question, but could someone confirm grindr lets u sign in on /e/os?
I read it didn’t work on lineageOS.

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Not a regular Grindr user, but I installed it created a blank profile. Uninstalled it and was able to successfully reinstall it login and browse profiles.

Happy Pride! :rainbow_flag:

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thanks you so much for testing it for me.
I wish I could try /e/ OS on my computer before committing to it.

Happy Pride! :rainbow_flag:

Am I the only one getting a “Registration Error” when trying to log in? :pensive:

I ended up contacting Grindr’s support team and somehow they fixed the issue on their end. So Grindr works again :blush:.

Have you eventually decided on /e/ OS? Is the Grindr app still working?

Hi. Could you please share whether Grindr is still working om /e/ OS? What about the purchases within the app though Google Playstore? Thanks so much.

Hey AGR12,

Grindr does work on my phone with /e/OS. I don’t have the premium though and I’ve never tried to buy anything on the store.

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