Does Jami work with /e/? Confirmation from other users?

i have /e/ OS on my Xiaomi redmi note 3, never had much issues with /e/ tiil now.

I convinced my brother to try jami as an alternative to whatsapp on his iphone; he was not able to find my user name but I was able to find him via jami and add him.

I`d love to use Jami as an alternative to whatsapp.

The problem seems to be that no messages ever go through and i cant make calls. i really would love to know if other /e/ OS users are using jami succesfully?

I am.
It is not so reliable, but it is much better with version 20200107-01.
DHT Proxy and Run in background are activated?

While it did work on /e/, my experience with Ring/Jami has been hit and miss in general sadly. In my opinion there are better options out there: Session (New), Signal (Scroll down the page to get non-google APK), Telegram FOSS.

I also tried Jami but didn’t like it.
If you don’t bother with a centralized server to manage the connections, like @b3pio said, Session, Signal and Telegram FOSS are good alternatives (technically speaking).
I liked Twinme better but it’s not well know, I cannot say is reliable in terms of privacy.
You can find Session, Signal and Twinme in the official /e/ Apps Store and Telegram FOSS on F-Droid.

Hi @belette, I’d like to test Jami and can’t get any connection. I get a ! in a red circle.
Maybe it’s a DHT proxy not activated on my S7.
How do I know if it is activated or not?

Thanks a lot !

To be honest I gave up with Jami, I never been able to get something reliable with or without DHT …

Does anybody have any feedback about Olvid ?