Does the exact model matter that much?

Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy J5 SM-J510FN model phone from 2016. I noticed there are some older Galaxy J5 listed on the site, but not my exact model.

Is this a no-go for /e/ then, or does the exact model not matter that much?


Hi @iamnotanumber10, unfortunately the exact model does matter. If you try to flash an incompatible ROM you can brick your device. You can raise a request for your device to be supported or if you make tried build custom ROM built it using the details given here.

Here you can read on Samsung site for flashing a rom. It’s no difference flashing stock or custom rom:

"Here you find all the latest Samsung firmwares for the Galaxy J5 (2016) SM-J510FN, if you want to flash your device with the newest Samsung software. Before downloading, make sure your device has the exact model code SM-J510FN. "

Ok, thanks. The flashing for the custom ROM doesn’t look too difficult, but I don’t think I have 250GB on my Linux partition. I’ll maybe try on a friends PC.

/e/ OS is not available for Samsung’s Galaxy J5 (2016) SM-J510FN. The search engine only finds UNOFFICIAL custom ROM from LineageOS. What are the 250GB needed for?

I think he was meaning ‘building’. Therefore he will need 250GB free space

And by the way, he has ask here because he was knowing that there is no e version available for his Phone

And by the way: “Is that a no-go for /e/ then, or is the exact model not so important?” illustrates a lack of knowledge. And I answer it to the best of my knowledge and belief - regardless of whether you like the answer or not.

I think he was meaning ‘building’. Therefore he will need 250GB free space

True, what was I thinking?! Must have been a Freudian slip.


I also would like to install /e/ OS on a Samsung SM-J510FN (Galaxy J5 LTE 2016).
I saw that the SM-J500FN was officially supported.

The references are different but so close… :disappointed_relieved:
Does someone know what is the difference ?

I am not en expert in flashing roms but i saw tht there also was an unofficial Lineage OS rom 15.1 for the SM-J510FN.

Does this mean that we can hope a support of /e/ OS (Official or not) fir the SM-J510FN ?

Thank you in advance.

Thank you,