Double tab to awake

Hello there,

A friend of mine has a Murena GS290 with Android 10 and e os. He wants to know if there is a setting or something similar to awake the phone on a double tap rather than the power button. Does anybody know what I mean and is there a solution?

Thanks for your help

Hi Ferry, welcome to the forum. Lots of info here. The search icon for the forum is a great help for questions such as this. Try entering " double tap" and see what you get. :wink:

DTW as a feature varies dependant on device and android version and there have been problems with some, as you may discover.

The easiest way to search for the feature on device is to use the search bar in the Settings app.


As a side note, I lost DTW after replacing the screen of a Xiaomi MiMIX3 …

Or, as LineageOS would put it …

All devices MUST NOT implement software based touchscreen wake features such as double tap to wake, swipe to wake or gestures if there is no hardware-backed support for them in the touchscreen firmware.

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I got it back after replacing the display screen … again :woozy_face: