Download data from Cloud without Murena-Phone

Good morning everyone.

Maybe the question has already been answered, in which case I would appreciate a link (and yes, sure, I used the search function):
I tried /e/ / Murena, realized: it’s not what I’m looking for and reinstalled my original OS. Now I noticed that there is still data (that I would like to have) in the Murena cloud, in particular photos. But when I log in with my account I can’t just download the photos folder, at least I haven’t found a way.

Is there any way I can export them? Or share a link to it? Or connect to a “normal” Nextcloud client?

Best regards and thanks a lot!

I already tried adding my to a Nextcloud-client but I get the following erroe:

I cannot test this right now, but please can you test the creation of a “shareable” folder containing one or two test photos. Then create a link from this folder and test that you can download.

Now you could try to extend the process … moving larger numbers of images to the shareable folder … or perhaps making shareable the existing photos / pictures folders.

Use the address and it should work.
So if you are use

I think I misread but use the Nextcloud client and you should be able to login and access your files.


Thank you both very much!
It turns out that I had simply looked in the wrong place. I was in the Nextcloud photo app, so of course I can’t do that. But what did work: in the Files app, download the folder with the photos…