Download issue with waiting network connection


I have a fariphone 3+ and I have an issue when I try any kind of file from internet on my phone with browser.

I try to desable/enable wifi, 4G, I reconfigure APN and I try to download from another browser call brave but I have still the same issue. My download is in waiting status and when I click on details I see that the download fails with the error message waiting network connection whereas I can navigate on any website and I can download app from Aurora without any issue.

here is somebody have an idea why I have this behaviour ?

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Did you check the “Data Saver” settings ?

No where can I found this settings ?

Just launch Settings app, and use the search :wink:


same Problem here and bigger, can’t download pictures in whats app, Songs in spotify or anything in the Browser… Signal is working just fine…

I guess it is a issue with the permissions, i checkt them and they are all set.

Any idea?

I checkt data saver, it is deactivated.

Have you removed or disabled any of the system applications, especially the Files ( application?

No, I just installed some new ones, but none to replace a system app and definitly didn’t disable one.

For my phone, I use the fairphone 3

Curious. Is the behaviour different for wifi and mobile network, do you use NetGuard?

There is no differens and no, no netguard.

If it is still not working until next weekend, rhen i will reset the phone an hope this will fix it :confused:

How do you use your SD card? Are the problematic apps are installed on SD card or internal storage? If they are installed on the SD card (Settings > Storage > SD card > Apps), please move them to the internal storage and try if this helps.

Only spOnly spotify has been on the SD card, I moved it to internal but it didn’t help.

Then I ejected the SD card, reboted the phone without SD card and checkt again. And it worked. I checked the SD card with my laptop, looks like there is some Kind of defect…

So thank you very much for the help :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. Computers are strage sometimes, glad you found the problem.