Downtime on eDrive and /e/ mail



/!\ We will be moving /e/ drive and mail infrastructure to new servers.

The down time will be on Tuesday April 2nd, between 8:30 UTC and 12:00 UTC

We will do our best to have minimal downtime as possible but please expect some interruption for eDrive and /e/ mail ( during this time frame.

The good news is that it will allow us to increase free /e/ drive online storage!


Still in progress ?
Because i have some issues on Notes (V0.22.3)

Everything is synchronised in
Settings > users & accounts > “e account” > Account sync


Hi, following this update, contacts cannot be synchronized. Do I have to do any particular settings?
The space is 50 MB, as before.
Thank you


Hi @Superman, @VitTh - Yes we are testing out some patches on the eDrive so the work is still in progress. Will announce once we are done with the patches and testing. Should be a couple of hours more.


Synchronization tasks are quite hard to understand, there is menu everywhere, i hope this process will be simplified :slight_smile:

If you go in
Settings > users & accounts > “e account” > Account sync
you can synchronize your contacts, but they are not.

Go in
Settings > users & accounts > “e account” > Account settings
and push recycling/synchronization icon on top
Contacts will be synchronized


Hi Manoj, ok, thanks


Also, now i got duplicated address book and calendar
Normal ?


Where are you seeing duplicates… in the web ui or on the phone?


phone > Settings > users & accounts >

  • Contacts ( Jf)
  • Contacts ( Ks)
  • Business_contacts ( Yr)
  • Business_contacts ( Ko)

phone > Settings > users & accounts > > account_settings