E 1.4 OnePlus 5T - App Lounge Really Slow Loading

I downloaedd and flashed today for my OnePlus 5T;


Everything so far runs really smooth/fast/snapy, except the App Lounge.

When I click it, it can take several minutes to load under HOME, but when it finally appears, many sections/images are still gray and need loading. Sometimes the App Lounge never loads and just sits there, as a blank white page and I have to close and restart it.

I think this is a really great ROM, I wasn’t sure if it was still being developed, I remember when it first began, so I’m really happy to see the project alive, and development for this phone.

I just wonder if this is just a network load issue on e’s servers, causing this thing to load slowly? I’m also logging in anonymously, could that be the problem, and it might work faster, logging in with an account instead? I was hoping to use the anonymous login and keep things more private.


If App Lounge is semi working for you I guess you probably already turned OFF Advanced Privacy. In general, I recommend not turning on till the guide is fully understood!

I think this is a part of it as I noted here App Lounge "Timeout fetching applications!" (#5876) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

Note how App Lounge is being actively developed and there are many issues reported Gitlab - Issues #App Lounge

Also worth checking if you have any DNS settings which might be involved

Settings > Network and internet > DNS


I turned off Advanced Privacy, this time it loaded in 8 seconds.

I am using the default network DNS, I haven’t touched this.

One other thing I’ve noticed, are the DEV aware, that under the Category section, some apps show up in different categories, that seem out of place?

As an example; Books & References, Comics, Communication all show the same apps.